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One dead in two-vehicle crash near Kansas Turnpike’s Lecompton exit

By Stephen Montemayor
Lawrence Journal World – January 8, 2014

Photo by Mike Yoder

Photo by Mike Yoder

One person died in a two-vehicle crash this morning near the Kansas Turnpike’s Lecompton exit.

The victim’s identity and the identity of other people involved in the crash, reported at 6:52 a.m. at North 1800 Road just north of the turnpike, was not available as Kansas Highway Patrol officials investigate. A KHP spokesman said he expected officials to be on the scene for another hour or two.

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Stafford agencies work together

SJ News Online – January 8, 2014
By Terry Spradley

Stafford firefighters and first responders team up with crews from Barton County, Ellsworth and the Kansas Highway Patrol during a recent semi rollover accident on the Stafford Barton county line. Along with in-county emergencies Stafford Co responders work with other counties as well through a mutual aid agreement.

Stafford firefighters and first responders team up with crews from Barton County, Ellsworth and the Kansas Highway Patrol during a recent semi rollover accident on the Stafford Barton county line. Along with in-county emergencies Stafford Co responders work with other counties as well through a mutual aid agreement.

As a member of the fire, EMS and law enforcement, Stafford police chief, Doug Brown knows the value of inter-agency cooperation in the smaller communities like Stafford, St. John and Macksville.

“As most know or have heard we [EMS crews] have used the Fire Department a lot over the past few months,” Brown said. “As members of law enforcement and fire department we are called to help [EMS] with lift assistance and other things. This was never more evident than it was Dec. 27.”

At approximately 11:30 a.m. EMS and law enforcement responded to a call for an injured worker on the roof of the new addition of Stafford’s school building.

Off duty as Chief, Brown was the lone EMS responder on the school roof, and the patient was unable to assist in his removal from the roof.

Stafford’s fire department took over along with help of the city crews getting equipment and a man lift in place to bring other EMS crews and equipment to the roof.

It took the man lift and additional personnel to get the patient safely off the roof.

“It is times like this that I am proud to be a member of the fire department along with EMS and see firsthand how all law enforcement, EMS, and Fire personal work together in a time of need’” Brown said.

“”It is time for me to publicly thank our fire and city crews for that day as EMS couldn’t have done it by ourselves.”

The injured person was transported to Stafford County Hospital with unspecified injuries.

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Fewer structure fires, more EMS calls for fire department

By Jason E. Silvers
Fort Scott Tribune – January 8, 2014

Fort Scott Fire Chief Paul Ballou conveyed the good and bad of a busy 2013 for the Fort Scott Fire Department.

Ballou appeared before the Fort Scott City Commission during its regular meeting Tuesday to provide a year-in-review report – including statistics and comparisons – for the department for 2013.

“It was a busy year, but yet fires were down. That’s significant for us,” Ballou said. “It was probably the busiest year as far as emergency runs for us. We helped a lot of citizens out this year. A lot. But that’s what we’re there for.”

Ballou said the department made a total of 1,355 emergency incident runs in 2013, an increase of 128 runs from 2012. A big percentage of those – about 79 percent- are medical runs, which include EMS assists, ambulance runs made under the city’s contract with Mercy Hospital, and car accidents.

There was a significant decrease in nearly all types of fires the department handles in 2013, especially structure fires, Ballou said.

The department averages about 20-25 structure fires per year, which includes fires in houses and businesses. In 2013, the department worked only 14 structure fires, a decrease of about six fires from 2012, he said.

“Every category of fire we have was down this year from last year,” Ballou said. “Car fires were up slightly.”

The department made 216 ambulance runs in 2013, which can sometimes mean added revenue for the city. In 2013, it meant an extra $28,000 in revenue, an increase from 2012.

“We contracted with Mercy I believe in 2006,” Ballou said. “They pay us a contract amount and after so many runs in a month, I think it’s six runs, we make extra revenue for the extra runs we make.”

The FSFD runs what Ballou called a “second out” ambulance for Mercy when Mercy makes ambulance runs. He said the entities work well together and “it’s a really good system.”

During his report, Ballou also informed the commission about the recent Girl Scouts Cookie Crunch-Off, which took place Jan. 3 and involved representatives of the FSFD, Fort Scott Police Department and dispatch center munching cookies in a friendly competition with other local groups to help kick off the start of the Girl Scouts’ annual cookie sales campaign.

Ballou said the annual nationwide event takes place in January each year and involves four-person teams, whose members have to eat at least one type of cookie offered by the Girl Scouts. This is the second year teams from Fort Scott have participated.

“We’re trying to get more teams and make it bigger,” he said.

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1 treated for smoke inhalation after KCK house fire

KMBC – January 8, 2014

One person was treated for minor smoke inhalation following a fire at a home in  Kansas City, Kan., on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters were called to the house in the 800 block of North 80th Terrace about 8:45 a.m.

Authorities said one person was in the house at the time of the fire and escaped, but was treated at the scene after breathing in some of the smoke.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Weekend fire destroys garage

By Jason E. Silvers
Fort Scott Tribune – January 7, 2014

fort scott fire 172014

Fort Scott Fire Department personnel are looking into the cause of a fire that burned a one-car garage Saturday evening on Lowman Street.

Fort Scott Fire Chief Paul Ballou said three FSFD trucks, a couple of staff vehicles and about eight or nine personnel responded to the fire and worked at dousing it for about an hour. The fire broke out about 6:30 p.m. Saturday in a garage behind a residence located at 114 S. Lowman St., near Horton Street.

“A resident in the area saw it on fire,” Ballou said. “It burned one end of the garage pretty good.”

Ballou said it is currently not known how the fire started and FSFD investigators are trying to determine the cause.

Ballou said there was no vehicle in the garage and no injuries were reported from the fire. The garage contained some “normal stuff” found in a garage. Ballou didn’t have an estimate of damages available.

Fire personnel first thought the fire may have spread to a nearby power pole with a transformer but no damages were reported, Ballou said.

Firefighters Really Do rescue cats from trees!

Emporia Gazette – January 7, 2014

I would like to express my gratitude to Battalion Chief Steve Kuhlman, the Emporia Fire Department and Wellnitz Tree Care.

On the extremely cold morning of Jan. 2, a concerned parent heard a cat in distress in a tree while dropping her child off. She voiced her concern and called the fire department for assistance. Unfortunately, she was told by the dispatcher that they do not rescue cats from trees.

After finding the cat still in the tree the next morning, I called the fire department and they sent someone out to look. They could not detect the cat when driving by, and I assumed it had found its way down.

I discovered several hours later that it was still in the tree and called the department again. While waiting for them to arrive, two workers with Wellnitz Tree Care noticed me staring up into the tree and walked over to inquire. They were willing and ready to climb the tree and rescue the cat for me when the fire engine arrived and Chief Kuhlman used a ladder instead to retrieve the cat.

In a roundabout way, Boots was returned to his owner and he and the children of Sacred Heart Child Care Center would like to say “Thank you!”

Monica Barnett, Sacred Heartchild Care Center Director

City and county firefighters called out in cold

By Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune – January 7, 2014

Firefighters spray water on the motor of a burned out pickup on the Gary Fitzsimmons farm Monday morning after the pickup caught fire when Fitzsimmons tried to warm it with a small propane heater.

Firefighters spray water on the motor of a burned out pickup on the Gary Fitzsimmons farm Monday morning after the pickup caught fire when Fitzsimmons tried to warm it with a small propane heater.

Although 2014 is not even a week old, city and county firefighters have been busy with fire calls in Pratt and in the country.

A firefighter’s quick action saved an equipment shed, a couple of tractors and a truck after a pickup in the shed caught fire Monday morning about three miles east of Cairo on NE 5th Street.

The fire call was one of two Monday and the third in four days in and around Pratt.

The fire near Cairo on Monday happened mid morning when Gary Fitzsimmons was using a small propane heater to warm up his pickup to get it started, said Dean Fitzsimmons, Gary’s son and a Preston volunteer firefighter.

The pickup was in a machine shed along with a two-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive tractor, a truck, lots of tools plus an ATV and a lawn mover.

Dean lives a short distance from Gary’s residence and when he arrived he immediately took action. He threw a chain around the rear bumper of the burning pickup and hooked the other end of the chain to his own pickup and pulled it out of the shed to a safe distance away.

Firefighters from Preston, Township 12 and Cunningham were called to the scene where they let the pickup burn and concentrated their efforts on getting the fire out in the shed. Some of the wooden roof beams were on fire and those were quickly extinguished.

The pickup and an ATV in the shed were total losses. A riding lawn mower was also damaged and the propane heater tank was scorched but it did not explode.

Dean said his dad was not injured in the fire although he did inhale a little smoke.

The next fire emergency in Pratt on Monday didn’t result in a fire but it did cause several anxious minutes after a semi trailer hit the body shop at Lanterman Motors and broke off a gas meter on the side of the building, said Pratt Assistant Fire Chief George Stevens.

All Lanterman employees were quickly evacuated as gas poured from the broken meter.

Pratt firefighters, Pratt County EMS and Pratt Police responded to the scene. Firefighters laid out a hose and were prepared in case a fire started.

Kansas Gas Service arrived shortly after the firefighters and shut off the gas without incident. Once the feed line to the meter was tested for leaks and none were found, the firefighters were cleared to leave.

The Pratt Rehabilitation and Residence Center, a short distance from Lanterman’s, was notified of the problem but the building was not evacuated.

The call Monday afternoon was the second call for Pratt firefighters in four days.

On Friday afternoon, Jan. 3, they were called to 611 North Thompson to the report of smoke in a rental house. On arrival, the firefighters made entrance to the building and discovered a throw rug on top of a floor furnace vent had caught fire.

The fire was quickly extinguished and the house suffered only some smoke damage. Owner Dick McCall had the electricity turned on earlier in the day. When he went to check on the house discovered smoke in the house.

He immediately called 911 and firefighters were able to put out the fire with minimal damage. to the house.

No one hurt in this small fire.