City to purchase new Jaws of Life

By Giseelle Arredondo
Southwest Daily News – October 10, 2013

The Liberal Fire Department presented a bid for a set of extrication equipment (Jaws of Life). The extrication equipment south of the railroad tracks is no longer available due to aging more than 30 years, failure and limitation of repairs.

According to Deputy Chief Skeety Poulton, the Fire Department has had to depend on a single set of equipment and hope that firefighters are not out on another call away from that equipment when the need arises. The Liberal Fire Department plans to replace the out of service equipment this year because their budget allows them to seek such equipment.

Firefighter Braden Steckel contacted two Hurst Dealers from the region to request new bids on a Hurst motor, spreader, cutter, ram and four hoses for a 10,000 psi system and four hoses for their current psi system. The bids are as follows: $26,106 for the 10,000 psi system, $2,310 for the 5,000 psi hoses, and no price given for shipping, which is a total of $28,416 as a bid by Danko.

The other bid is by MES and it would add up to a total of $25,363, with it being $22,983 for the 10,000 psi system, $2,180 for the 5,000 psi hoses and $200 of estimated shipping.

The staff recommended that the bid from MES-MIDAM (Municipal Emergency Services, INC.) in the amount of $25,363 for the purchase of a Hurst 10,000 psi extrication system and four 5,000 psi hoses for the existing extrication system is accepted.

The request of the Liberal Fire Department passed 5-0.

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