Possible severe weather this afternoon

Pay attention to developing storms this afternoon. It looks like there will be a window for the  development of supercell thunderstorms early in the evening with the storms then progressing to more of a squall line event later.

4:30pm update – The conditions are becoming favorable for the initiation of thunderstorms over the next couple of hours.

5:30pm update – Cap is currently holding in place preventing storm initiation. NWS is expecting this cap to erode in the next hour or so and this will allow storms to develop in the area.

5:55pm update – A Tornado Watch has been issued for Jefferson County until 1:00am.

Perry Lake still releasing

Perry is still releasing water. In addition The Corps of Engineers will increase the release from Tuttle Creek this week. This will raise the Kansas River an additional 2 feet this week.

At the current and projected release rate it looks like most of the facilities will be available at Perry Lake for Labor Day weekend.

Perry Lake releasing water

The Kansas City District, Corps of Engineers has authorized the Perry Lake Project Manager to begin releasing significant amounts of water from the reservoir. The authorized rate of release is 8000 cubic feet per second. At this rate the Lake is expected to drop around 10″ per day. In addition, this release combined with the releases from Milford and Tuttle Creek will cause the Kansas River to remain “bank full” for the foreseeable future.