Latest Snow Projections For Jefferson County

1:45 pm update – Here is the latest model run. Snowfall amounts keep trending slightly upwards in the area.

1:30 pm update – I have added a closings and cancellations page to the site to track items of interest to the citizens of Jefferson County. Please use the contact form to submit items or you can send me an email if you have it.

I’m currently waiting on the latest model runs to complete and I will post it when it completes. The surface air temperature is staying right around 31 degrees. We have ice starting to accumulate on elevated surfaces. Please use caution outside this afternoon and evening.

10:00 am update – My current thoughts are that we will see this light stuff come and go through out the day today. Tonight, It looks like we will see an off and on dusting of snow until between 3 and 6 am tomorrow where the snow will pick up. We should then see heavy snowfall all day tomorrow ending around midnight with final accumulations in the 11″ range.

To compound the problem of heavy snow, we will see high winds in the 20-25 mph range tomorrow. In addition the temperature will drop overnight creating a very dangerous scenario if you are exposed or stuck out in the storm. There is no way our road crew will be able to keep up with this storm if it follows the current forecast. We will have to focus on clearing for emergencies only. The road department will have to try and dig the County out Wednesday after the snow stops.

7:30 am update – It looks like the freezing drizzle has started in Jefferson County, please be careful. I am posting the updated total accumulation model that shows a little more snow in the County.

This matches fairly well to the weather graphic by the NWS.

12:30 am – Here is the latest snow projections for Tuesday. As you can see the model is a little more realistic.

Total snow for 2FEB2011

In addition it looks like Jefferson County may receive a little more ice on Monday than the initial forecast showed.

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