Weather is a Fickle Beast

Weather is a fickle beast, especially winter weather. When I discuss winter weather with my friends I am always quick to remind them that snow is much harder to predict than rain. On the other hand we don’t place near the significance on rainfall amounts in relation to snow amounts. Most people are satisfied just to know if its going to rain on a certain day and not as concerned with exact rainfall amounts down to the .10 of an inch.

As I tried to allude to in my entry from yesterday, my confidence was not the highest for this event. Every model run seemed to be different, but they all placed snow in Jefferson County. As an Emergency Manager my tendency is always to prepare for the worse case scenario and hope for the best.

In this case we received a dusting to one inch across the County. We can look for a little more of the same today, with the system moving out of our area by tonight. The temperature should bottom out around 10 degrees tonight and warm up in the lower 30’s for most of next week.

The current graphic for today from the NWS is below.

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