The k0sds blog has been retired…


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The k0sds blog has been retired… I am working on a concept to provide a flexible, timely information portal targeted to people with interests in and around Jefferson County, Kansas. A large component of this concept involves discover-ability by the major search engines. To be able to do that I need to broaden the focus of this site a bit. I am re-branding the site the JF-KS Situation Room to better reflect the direction this project is going and to facilitate the required changes. This weekend the base address for this site will change to The current content will remain, I will end up only expanding it from here.

My hope is to have the transition to completed with plenty of time left to get weather information out for the snow this weekend. and will both redirect to this new site, so hopefully all links will still work. I plan on leaving the redirects in place for a while so the web crawlers (search engines) catch all of the changes. After that, who knows.


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