The Day of the Storm

9:30 update – Roads in Jefferson County are drifting over faster than the road crew can clear them. The winds are expected to continue overnight. This will lead to very cold wind chills. Do not travel in the County tonight unless it is absolutely necessary! Below is the final adjusted estimated snowfall amounts for the area. This should be closer to real world measurements.

6:30pm update – Report of 9″ of snow in County. Snow is drifting over roads, road crews are having a difficult time keeping roads open. Do not drive in the County unless absolutely necessary. Here is the latest experimental snowfall graphic. It is still running a little heavy on the amounts.

4:00pm update – Roads are experiencing heavy drifting in the County. Estimating 5″-7″of snow across the County. The snow estimate graphic is showing the proper pattern, but the amounts are inflated. This has to do with the moisture conversion rates being less than normal with this system.

2:15pm update – Travel across the County is starting to get difficult. Estimating around 5″ of snow so far in areas of Jefferson County. Snow is starting to drift and is getting very hard to measure. Here is the 2:00pm snow estimate graphic.

12:30pm update – 12:00pm snow estimate graphic.

11:30am update – Snow continues to fall in Jefferson County. I’m seeing snowfall reports South of the County increasing. It looks like reports are showing the estimate to be  fairly accurate. Below is the 11:00am estimate.

10:30am update – Snowfall is picking up across the County. Visibility is down to under 1/2 mile in areas. Estimated snowfall is 1-2 inches across the County. Below is a updated experimental snowfall graphic. This is a 10:00am estimate.

9:45am update – We are experiencing moderate blowing snow across the County. The heavier snow is still south of the County. Looks like we should start seeing a heavier snow around noon. Below is an experimental snowfall estimate graphic.

8am update – The NWS has updated their official projections.

7am update – The snow has started to fall South of the County. Reports coming out of Oklahoma that areas have 6 inches of snow so far. Expecting the heavier snow to start in Jefferson County between 10am and noon.

High winds and cold temperatures are already here. Expect below zero wind chills and blowing snow this afternoon and evening.

This morning at 06:00, Governor Brownback signed a State Emergency Declaration for Jefferson and other Counties in Kansas that are in the path of this storm. The Declaration was signed due to the freezing precipitation received and heavy snowfall predicted, coupled with strong winds creating blowing and drifting snow and bitterly cold wind chills.

Original 1am post -The day of the “Great Midwest Blizzard of 2011” is upon us now. This post will be used for continuing updates of news about the storm. I will start this off with my final posting of two snowfall models,  a local one and a regional one.

The amounts for Jefferson County have decreased slightly. Yesterday the models were calling for around 11 inches of snow, now the models are calling for 8 to 10 inches.

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